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Goodridge Universal Black Coat Chrome End Brake Hoses

Goodridge Universal Black Coat Chrome End Brake Hoses
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Goodridge Universal Black Coat Chrome End Brake Hoses

The PVC hose coating adds great looks, abrasion protection to expensive parts, is easy to clean, and contains a UV inhibitor. All kits meet ASTM G155 criteria, which is a synergistic weatherability test that checks for hose discoloration by simulating a one-year tropical UV environment at 263.125kj/m2, unlike plastic or vinyl coatings.
• Goodridge Universal Brakelines feature stainless steel braided hoses, with chrome or black zinc-plated mild steel hardware
• The durable PVC outer coating is available in choice of black or clear coated covers and offer Teflon® inner liner protection; the premium stainless steel braided armor provides rock solid stopping power
• The Teflon® inner liner is an inert material, which is compatible with all hydraulic and brake fluids, has a heat range of -158° to 500° and shields brake systems from moisture, unlike other materials like nylon
• The stainless steel braid has a total of 72 wires per hose and is superior in pressure rating, flame resistance and volumetric expansion than all other materials, including Kevlar® or copper, resulting in unmatched stopping power
• All Goodridge kit hardware exceeds the 48-hour salt spray criteria established by the D.O.T. Department of Transportation; the black zincplated mild steel meets a 72-hour threshold on the salt spray tester, while our chromed-plated mild steel checks in with a 96-hour salt spray test rating
• The mild steel and stainless steel components are shatterproof unlike other common metals used in brakelines, such as brass and aluminum
• Kits ship complete in clamshell or box packaging with bolts and washers
• Clear-coated lines feature clear coated stainless braided hose and chrome hardware
• D.O.T. lines meet D.O.T. / TUV FMVSS106 specifications, which make them street legal on any street or highway worldwide and feature stainless braided hose and chrome hardware
• Ebony Series lines feature black-coated hose and matted black zincplated hardware

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